The Borg Sharing Technology to Google?

Is the reason why Google tech is so effective on the user-end is because the technology behind it all was provided by the Borg Collective – the Unimatrix One?

We don’t know. Afterall, the ultimate question is – is the Borg purely fictional? Well…

Follow up:

So enough of the Borgs (Resistance is Futile!), a rarely seen code of Google showed up while someone was querying a cached page from Google, the code contains well line of codes. One interesting piece of it is the “use_spamscore-using_borg” part and “use_experimental_spamscore”. Is it their solution against the recently 5 million site spam Google received? Or they’ve been experimenting with a new technology (acquired from the Borg) and it was the Borg that (intentionally) put the 5 million site spam to test Google’s new code?

Bottom line is: You will be assimilated (by Google!)

Read it all here (especially if Google’s code matters to you, it is there).

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