The Fearless Goat Out in the Wild

Canonical Ltd. finally released to the wild the ‘Fearless Goat’ or officially called “Intrepid Ibex“. This is version 8.10 of Ubuntu, the most popular Debian distribution today and is gaining more converts from the GNU/Linux OS in general as well as Microsoft Windows and Apple OSses.

Ubuntu 8.10 Intrepid Ibex is the main distribution of Canonical which is based on GNOME desktop. Kubuntu on the other hand is based on KDE, Xubuntu on Xfce. All these, together with Medibuntu (for media/entertainment enthusiasts) and Edubuntu (for education like schools) are now officially v8.10 Intrepid Ibex.

Follow up:

Ubuntu comes in two editions – a Desktop and a Server. Yesterday, a few hours before the official announcement, I was able to download early the final version of Intrepid Ibex. I installed it to upgrade my existing v8.04 Hardy Heron and after a few moments, this new wallpaper showed up:

New features that comes with v8.10:

  • 3G Support
  • Write Ubuntu to and Install from a USB Drive
  • Guest Sessions
  • BBC Content
  • Latest Gnome 2.24 Desktop Environment
    • Empathy Instant Messenger
    • Time Tracking
    • Ekiga 3.0
    • Compact List View in Nautilus File Management
    • Tabbed Browsing in Nautilus File Management
    • New Deskbar Plugins: Calculator, Google Search, Google Code Search, Yahoo! and Wikipedia.
    • Twitter and updating via the Deskbar
    • New Screen Resolution Controls
    • New Sound Theme Support
    • Better Digital TV
    • Preparing for GLib/GTK+ 3.0
    • and many more
  • still FREE! Both as Free-of-Charge and Freedom to use, redistribute, …

Of course, Compiz-Fusion desktop enhancement always comes to mind when we talk about Ubuntu and Linux in general. Here’s my first desktop edits after installing/upgrading to 8.10 Intrepid Ibex:

Get the latest Ubuntu now only at: and be (an) Intrepid like us.

Press Release: Ubuntu® 8.10 Desktop Edition enables mobile, flexible computing for a changing digital world
Compiz-Fusion: Compiz Fusion Website
GNOME: GNOME: The Free Software Desktop Project
(X/K)Ubuntu Community: Official (X/K)Ubuntu Community
Pinoy Ubuntu Community: Philippine Team
Wallpaper: Ubuntu Glass Wallpaper
More Wallpapers: Wallpapers

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