Sync Friendfeed and Disqus Comments

A new tool for Disqus-enabled websites and blogs launch today enabling comments posted via Friendfeed to appear on your Disqus-enabled sites. This further reduces the gap and fragmentation of comments as more and more services syndicates articles and provide their own comment system.

Follow up:

FF2Disqus is a simple script for syncing comments between matching “threads” on Disqus and FriendFeed. Simply enter your credentials, select the appropriate Disqus site, and click “Save Info”. You have the option of copying: FF to Disqus; Disqus to FF; or Full Sync. Most importantly, you can stop the syncing process at any time by selecting “Off” and saving.

All you need is your Disqus API Key and your FriendFeed Remotekey, no worries, links are provided on the integration page itself. So just click here and get started.

A big thanks to Carter Rabasa for taking the time to create an excellect application. More power!

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New Tool: Sync FriendFeed Comments With Disqus

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