SPAM IS GOOD!! Yes, we all love it (well Asians mostly), there’s even a SPAM restaurant here in the Philippines serving different dishes with the main ingredient as SPAM.

But the ‘other’ spam isn’t good. In fact it is very annoying that we wish it isn’t against the law and our religions to kill people behind these ’spam’ emails, comment posts, and the latest spam attacks? “Trackback spamming”

Blue Security is your new ‘added’ solution to all your anti-spam efforts. It works like the popular SETI application where users are contributing to a one common/global cause – the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence (hence SETI), I mean – to fight spam before it even gets to our servers.

Welcome Blue Security

What do they offer?
1. Subscribe to the Do Not Intrude RegistryTM Enterprise Beta
2. Active DeterrenceTM technology would make spammers remove you from their mailing lists
3. Receive less spam and reduce your costs of handling unwanted email.

Read more here and join! Don’t block spam, KILL THEM!!

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