SM Cyberzone Summer Festival at SM Southmall

SM Cyberzone officially launched on April 30th at SM Southmall, Las Piñas City. For those who are not familiar or just took the “SM Cyberzone” area for granted, it is a project of SM Supermalls in creating the best I.T. hubs in the Philippines.

But if like us you are a regular of SM Mall of Asia then you already know about the project since two years ago. I think the SM Cyberzone at SM Mall of Asia was a trial run, a sort-of live sandbox.

Follow up:

Cyberzone is considered to be the largest chain of IT retail stores in the Philippines. Aside from holding the biggest gaming and Cosplay events the country has ever seen, Cyberzone is known for its notable product mix and quality. From the latest computers or gaming consoles, to the hottest cellular phones, we have it all. Visiting your nearest Cyberzone is a true shopping experience unlike any other. With over 600 tenants spread across the nation, everything you need in IT may be found here. This is your one stop IT destination. Cyberzone… Its all here!

Source: SM Cyberzone Fanpage

SM Cyberzone, SM Mall of Asia was closed down last year. Here are some photos taken on New Year’s Eve of 2009 (ie December 31, 2008).

The SM Cyberzone at SM Southmall is bigger than the old one in SM Mall of Asia two years ago. The main attractions are all and any computer and technology stores, which includes gaming of course!

I arrived at around three in the afternoon, having come from Makati City, it took a long time to commute to SM Southmall. I registered as a blogger and I played picked-a-prize immediately (normally it should be after getting the stamps from each event booth). I got a PLDT-DSL polo and baseball cap for, well, as usual the try again consolation prize.

First booth, being a gamer, the Nintendo&reg: Wii booth #1 as shown below:

I’m not a fan of rhythm arcade games but the Wii guy insisted I should try it so I did. I tried the drums instrument. It is confusing me still when playing these type of games but I was able to tap to my long-lost music inclination inside of me. If I have it at home, I’ll be playing hard in no time. Thanks to Mr. Wii guy, I added the game to my wishlist (whatever that particular game title is).

Next stop, the EPSON Upload Express and Printing Stations. Immediately after standing in front of their booths, they EPSON guys asked me if I already passed by the photo booth and have my picture taken, I haven’t so I went there first.

It was only after that I upload express station made sense. After they take your photo you have the option to have it edited via this station. I took this path just to see what stuff they have that I do not see in my daily computing sessions.

Unfortunately, they only have the basic backgrounds and effects. I asked them if they have any science related backgrounds at least but they only have abstract designs. So much for my enthusiasm in seeing something new from EPSON editing services.

However, their printing station saved them. Since I am not into printing photos, their photo printers are all new to me. I was amazed at how small and portable these gadgets are now today. Just insert your flash card, choose the photo you want to print-out and voila, you now have a tradtional photo in your hands.

We have a photo printer at home but it is big and heavy. These portable photo printers is a must for group outings so you can distribute traditional photos right-there-and-then before the group goes back to the real world.

I visited next the sound mixing station. Probably not part of the event (he’s the one playing the music) but hey, it is still technology and gadgets!

Those things look really expensive for me. Portable mixers(?) and whatnot combined with a laptop (if I remember correctly, the software he’s using was a FLOSS or “Free/Libre Open-Source Software”). It’s the Digital DJ stuff.

Last but not the least, I played WiiSports. I already played Bowling back in 2008 at SM Cyberzone, SM Mall of Asia, so this time around I tried Tennis!

Compared to Bowling, the Tennis WiiSports is more active and engaging. When I played Bowling WiiSports the control was too simple to do justice to the Wii controller technology – A and B buttons for moving your character left or right; then swing your arm and release the C(?) button to shoot.

But Tennis, I experienced the beauty of the Wii controller. You don’t just swing your arms, the power of your shots also depends on how strong you swing your arm! Everything depends on your arm. I just hope the next version of Wii will be able to detect our feet as well.

After winning 3 out of 6 games, I passed on the Wii controller to the girl beside me who for the duration of my gametime did not move away from me. I almost hit her 4 times and she was stll standing within my swinging area. When I handed her the controller, she doesn’t want to take it! Anyway…. I still can’t help myself but smile…. evil thoughts :p

SM Cyberzone, SM Mall of Asia

That’s I.T.! If you want to visit one of their SM Cyberzone launch event, the last one will be on May 28, that’s a Friday, at SM Megamall. I might drop-by again, maybe this time I’ll get something better than a consolation prize.

If you want to know the latest happenings and promos, you can follow the SM Cyberzone team thru their Twitter account @smcyberzone or their Facebook fanpage.

You can also visit and bookmark their official website at

SM Cyberzon, SM Mall of Asia

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