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Many of us have countless of Social-Network memberships, it all started when Friendster, MySpace, EveryonesConnected, all started to pop out-of-nowhere, with all our friends, relatives and even bosses started inviting us – it’s a race to whoever gets the most connections.

Now that the dust has settled and SNS is taking on the more serious road – SNS for specific niche-market like the Great Games Experiment (reviewed here for the Gamers and Eskwela (reviewed here) for Filipino students and Alumni, it is time that we sit down and start update-synchronize all our profiles spread-out across different services.

But there’s a problem! Each and every SNS have different features, you can’t just copy & paste most of your profile data. Add to that, it is very tiring to keep on repeating the same thing over and over again (even if you copy & paste) everytime you need to update, say a simple profile data like “Single-and-Looking” (to begin with, some or many SNS only have “single”). What to do now? Drop all those SNS accounts and concentrate on one or a few? Another problem, your network, friends, relatives will not switch just for you.

Here comes, ProfileLinker

Follow up:

Clearly, ProfileLinker’s target audience are those with multiple social-network accounts. If you only have one, then you don’t have to use ProfileLinker but it still may have a use to you, one day.

Bascially, you tell ProfileLinker your credentials and their service will compile and save your data in a centralize server. From there, you can now use one service (yes, ProfileLinker) to handle most, if not all, your SNS needs, from your friend networks to updating new friends, from your bulletin board messages to your Inbox/PMs – again, all-in-one place, that is ProfileLinker.

The company is also launching a number of widgets that will pull data from all of your social networks and allow you to present it on another website. The first widget will be a “portable profile” with links to your various networks.

– according to Techcrunch.

About time, right? After all, we create new technologies like Social-Networking not to make our lives more harder but to make our lives easier. With too much of anything is bad, we all know that, a new solution and a new market emerges – services that will “centralize” and do things for you all-in-one place. I don’t know what the market calls these type of services, I’ve seen a few before for other industries, but I will refer to this new emerging market as “centralization-industry”.

( Via: TechCrunch. )

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