(UPDATE) Professional Gmail Look

Hey, have you seen this?

It’s the new look of Gmail called “Redesigned”, want to know more?

Follow up:

Well, it is not really an official “new” design of Google’s Gmail but rather it is a Redesign possible only via Firefox’s Addon system. So come, let’s load Gmail Redesigned and take a peek inside.

This design looks professional to me compared to the too simple look of the current Gmail Design.

So how do you get it? Simple.

  1. Install Stylish Firefox Addon click here to download
  2. Go to: https://www.naverniouk.com/design/gmail/gmail.css
  3. Right-click the Stylish icon in the bottom right hand corner of the Firefox window and choose “Add File Style to Stylish”
  4. Put in the Description field: Gmail Redesigned (by Globex Designs)
  5. Click Save

Now you get this:

And this:

Awesome? Yeah!

Here’s a full view of my Gmail (other addons and features activated listed below)

  • Better Gmail2
    • Force Encrypted Connection (https)
    • Inbox Count First
    • Add Row Highlights
    • Attachment Icons
    • HTML Signatures
    • Show BCC Automatically
    • Shoc CC Automatically
    • Folders4Gmail
    • Hide Invites Box
    • Skins: None (this way it won’t overwrite your Gmail Redesign theme)
  • Gmail Labs
    • Quick Links
    • Superstars
    • Pictures in chat
    • Fixed width font
    • Signature tweaks
    • Custom date formats
    • Muzzle

Thanks to Globex Designs for the awesome design. ^_^
Now I challenge all designers and developers, go develop designs for Gmail. Visit the Official Gmail Redesigned Website to know how to re-use Globex Designs’ Gmail Redesigned theme.

UPDATE (2008-08-15)

  • You do not need to follow the steps above! Globex Designs developed the Google Redesigned Extension.

    You get these:

    • Gmail Redesigned (v2.0.3)
    • Gcal Redesigned (v1.0.1)
    • Greader Redesigned (coming soon!)
    • Faster loading
    • Easy updating

    * versions are as of this update

    Read the news here especially if you have the non-extension version via Stylish or Greasemonkey.

  • Updated the instruction to reflect the new version of Stylish Add-On for Firefox.
  • Updated the Official Website to point to the new project site.

Instructions by and from the Official Gmail Redesigned Website.
Gmail Redesigned was designed by Globex Designs

All Images by JC John SESE Cuneta of gameshogun.ws released under CC By-SA 3.0 Unported (International), Philippines, and CC By-SA 2.5 Malaysia.

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