Presenting Google Docs and Spreadsheets

Finally and obviously, Google merged Writely and Google Spreadsheets. The past couple of weeks, I am starting to feel the hassle of visiting different Google sites just to do Office-type stuff. for documents, then for spreadsheets. I told them to merge the two first and foremost and call it something like “Google Office”.

Follow up:

Now it appears that they’ve thought about it a long time ago, and next time I logged in to Writely and Google Spreadsheets, it’s now Google Docs & Spreadsheets.

Though in my opinion, as branding is very important, they should just have go for “Google Office”, that way they can easily integrate future products – say for example, Google Presentation (I hope this one do exist in some private Google Labs).

Next move in my opinion? They must add cross-product communication. Example, I want our Google Groups to make use of the Google Writely and Google Spreadsheets services – and I know you do as well. Then add communication for Google Calendar for Google Groups too. Then there’s GMail and Gmail contacts. I also want (and again I’m sure you as well) to be able to use Google Talk even while I’m reading my Google Groups, or say doing something in Google Calendar without downloading the Google Talk client itself.

It’s already implemented inside GMail, though for two months already, I can’t help but noticed that the Google Talk inside GMail is failing to communicate 50% of the time I use it. Looks like it needs some refinement and improvement ;)

Anyway, I hope Google keeps integration and cross-communication alive and well. That’s one thing Google lacks heavily on – they create too many products that when you think about it, it’s already redundant. One product can simply be used to add features to another product. Here’s another idea – giving Google Groups a GMail groups account so the Administrators and Managers and Moderators will have an easy way of communicating with each other (or better yet, a private Admin only group within Google Groups).

Hear all that, Google Teams?

Okay, we will wait. (And don’t forget Google YouTube integration – in favor of YouTube.)

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