Pinoy Bloggers Search Engine (PBSE)

Pinoy Bloggers Search Engine

To help us to specifically search Pinoy Bloggers, I created a Google Custom Search for Pinoy Bloggers and Blogs. It’s possible to use Google’s Blog search and restrict your result to the Philippines only, but that will alienate some or many blogs that do not pass Google’s criteria. The Google CSE is different, as we will list the URLs that we want to include in our custom search engine, for it to work effectively, we have to manually put the URLs of the sites that will be included in the search results. This will be a tedious task, but with the help of fellow Pinoy Bloggers like YOU, yes YOU, we can make this work.

Here’s how you can help.

Follow up:

Simply email me at Laibeus at Laibcoms dot com with the subject “Pinoy Blogger Search Engine Volunteer”. Then I will send an invitation to your email so you can get access and contribute URLs. One simple rule: stricly for confirmed Pinoy Blogs only. And we will not accept website’s using a blog application for their backend (example, a news site using WordPress as their CMS [Content Management System]).

Spread this, post this to your blog, let’s help each other shall we?

Add these technorati tags to your post:


Below are the initial sites listed. You will see the blogs listed on the pages of this thread. I will try to release a site list every now and then, but its not guaranteed (I also have a life to live).

Finally, get the code to add to your blog here: Pinoy Bloggers Search Engine Homepage

1st Batch:
Current Sites Listed: (in no particular order)

See the 2nd batch of Pinoy Blogs added to the “PinoyBloggers Search Engine” (PBSE): 2nd Batch of Pinoy Blogs added.

2nd Batch:

3rd Batch:

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