New Google Reader UI

New Google Reader

There’s a new Google Reader User Interface (UI), and I can really say that it’s a big improvement over the previous one. The new UI will still require a little getting-used to for many Google Reader users. The old universal update list is now gone and replaced by a ‘label’ based listing.

Follow up:

Click a label and 2/3 of your screen will be replaced by the contents of that label where you can scroll – but here’s a good feature, you don’t have to click the titles just to read because the post are already displayed – the ‘Expanded View’ – the ‘List View’ is still available however. Very convenient – really.

And one of the suggestions I submitted to the Google Reader team is now also implemented – the very important “Mark all as read” – finally!!

You can read the official announcement and new feature list from the Official Google Reader Blog.

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