Mozilla Firefox 2 Beta 1 Milestone Released

And it’s here, the first “real” public beta of Mozilla’s popular browser “Firefox 2″.

Follow up:


New features and changes in this milestone that require feedback include:

* Built in Phishing Protection
* Search suggestions now appear with search history in the search box for Google, Yahoo! and
* Changes to tabbed browsing behavior
* Ability to re-open accidentally closed tabs
* Better support for previewing and subscribing to web feeds
* Inline spell checking in text boxes
* Search plugin manager for removing and re-ordering search engines
* New microsummaries feature for bookmarks
* Automatic restoration of your browsing session if there is a crash
* New combined and improved Add-Ons manager for extensions and themes
* New Windows installer based on Nullsoft Scriptable Install System
* Support for JavaScript 1.7
* Support for client-side session and persistent storage
* Extended search plugin format
* Updates to the extension system to provide enhanced security and to allow for easier localization of extensions
* Support for SVG text using svg:textPath

Download it here.

Oh, so far so good, Firefox 2 is stable for me even with many extensions (unlike Firefox

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