MMOs for Mobile Phones

MMOs for Mobile Phones

It’s been years since the first announcement about an MMO for Mobile Phones – Nokia’s HinterWars: The Aterian Invasion. It’s defined as:

the revolutinoary dual-platform Symbian Mobile Massively Multiplayer Online Game (3MOG) that allows gamers to play simultaneously with tens of thousands of others using either their Nokia Series 60 and Nokia N-Series gamedeck or their PC.

(as copied from the official site)

Well, MMOs for Mobile Phones are getting closer and closer to reality.

Follow up:

But first, we have to check out how the journey continued after Nokia’s HinterWars. The next step (or maybe backstep) was the availability of Mobile Applications that allows a player to check his character and his friend’s statistics.

For example, the EVE Tracker by Saggy Software, that keeps you updated on your pilots.

The features available are:

  • Pilot pager – track your pilots; includes attributes, race, gender, bloodline, and more
  • Currently training skill
  • Pilot skills
  • Skills database – search the skills database and plan the future of your pilot

There is also Rudip’s Warcraft Characters, that tracks your World of Warcraft characters anywhere and everywhere.

It features:

  • Checking all your characters
  • A summary of your character, similar to what’s seen on WoWArmory
  • Ability to see all the items you are wearing
  • See the ‘tooltip’ of the items
  • Track your reputation stats
  • Worldwide support for WoW-US, WoW-EU, WoW-KR, WoW-CN, and WoW-TW

These two applications are available for Apple’s iPhone only, but we can see how the MMO world slowly invades our mobile phones. A short stage but with a wide effect and opened plenty of possibilities for the players and the companies alike. Today, welcome the new kid on the block, a Mobile MMO by PerBlue entitled Parallel Kingdom: Age of Exploration.

As the name suggests, this Mobile MMO is set on a parallel world much like Earth. In fact, this world is on top of our world! Or if you’ve seen the movie – “The Spiderwick Chronicles” (or read the book), there is another world right here on our own planet that we can only see by some ‘means’.

This is what Parallel Kingdom is, and that ‘means’ is the iPhone and Android-based phones. By using GPS (Global Positioning System) combining it with the virtual world, a player will be able to explore this parallel world as s/he travels around the real-world (products that use GPS are called geo-aware).

Get to fight monsters in this virtual world, collect gold in this world, and even have a duel with another player (you two must be near each other in-real-world). The virtual world itself shows a Google Map of where you are in the real-world, imagine your phone as the window to another world giving you a visual of what our naked eyes can not see.

Parallel Kingdom is set to launch on October 31, and will use the same game network regardless if you are an Android user and your friend is an iPhone user. The game will be free initially, and we can hope that they release a 3D graphics version that will make use of iPhone’s and Android’s GFX capabilities.

And that is only just the beginning. Blizzard’s World of Warcraft team have been conducting polls for the past few months about Mobile Phones and Mobile Games, which led fans to believe that the company is considering developing a mobile version of WoW. Philippine online gaming companies are into Mobile Games development already, some are already providing Mobile services link to a player’s account. The possibilities are endless and the future of gaming and mobile phones are merging.

I can’t wait as our lives gets more mobile than ever, bringing online and social entertainment together and wherever we go. I just hope that they do not separate the game worlds between mobile, console, and PC (it’s possible). For now, I’ll wait for Motorola’s first Android Phone, then I’ll join the world of Parallel Kingdom.

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