Kool IM

Another AJAX-based Instant Messenger service for those who do not have access to the real IM apps or official Java-based IM apps because their school network or office network banned the IMs or the Internet Cafe locked its settings and do not have Java installed.

Follow up:

But this is not “yet-another-AJAX-IM-service”. Kool IM takes the best features of the two widely popular similar services and combined them together – from Meebo and eBuddy, and then adds their very own features.

There are many similar services out there already. There is also ILoveIM and Mabber (which I blogged in the past). But of all, I personally think that Meebo, eBuddy and Kool IM will dominate this space.

Try Kool IM and bookmark it in case you’ll need to use it one day ;)

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