Hexagon.cc Combines BitTorrent and Social-Networking

BitTorrent is dominantly known as a medium for piracy or illegal downloads, but the technology itself is perfectly legal. For example, Blizzard Entertainment the developers of the massive hit online game World of Warcraft use BT as their official download and distribution network, not just for their patches but their video materials as well.

But is this all? (100,000 invites after the jump)

Follow up:

Of course not. Welcome Hexagon.cc, a new torrent search service from the people behind isoHunt. This is the next level, combining BitTorrent and Social Networking together.

“The main difference that sets Hexagon.cc apart from other social file sharing and BitTorrent sites, is everything is centered around groups. Be it file sharing networks or flash video sites, a key piece we found missing is social context,” isoHunt’s founder Gary Fung said.

Source: isoHunt Launches ‘Social’ BitTorrent Site

Now you can hope for a much safer torrent downloading because you know who you are getting it from. It will also be easier to search for new torrents because you know where to get it from.

Here are 100,000 invites for Hexagon.cc.

[via TorrentFreak]

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