Google Browser Sync for Firefox

The beauty of using Mozilla’s Firefox browser – the ability to add extra features and functionalities without the need to install whole plugins – extensions. The latest to be released and is from Google is the Google Browsery Sync.
GBS (if you will), is a Firefox extension that will keep your bookmarks, history, persistent cookies and saved passwords synchronized on different machines with the Firefox browser (with the extension installed). Not only that, it also allows you to restore open tabs and windows.

Follow up:

The extension updates your browser settings whenever you start Firefox, and according to google, this will increase the start-up time of the browser – “the time between clicking on the Firefox icon and loading your start page”, quoting Google;

Please bear with us as we work to decrease this delay.

It is a good start and another good extension for Mozilla Firefox and a must for every mobile person who works in different machines especially when these machines are miles apart. Additionally, for those who do not want to install a whole software (there are lots of browser-synching software out there), Google Browser Sync is a very good option.

Get it here: Google Browser Sync Firefox Extension.

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