Firefox 3 Minefield Faster?

I am still not sure about this but I noticed that the latest build for Firefox 3 codenamed: Minefield, is way faster than when they first made it available for testers. Additionally, I noticed some cool changes (if not a milestone) and neat features – one of it is a built-in spell checker, similar to any Word Processor, like Lotus’ or Microsoft’s.

I like it, I’ll take more time testing it but I will not do a review of Firefox 3 Minefield because it is still very early to do so, Firefox 3 is slated for release sometime next year (2007) and by then, Minefield has received a lot of changed, improvements, and new bugs :p (bugs are part of developing applications).

Firefox 2 codenamed: Bon Echo is nearing its final beta release. Watch out for it (solves a lot of problems found in Firefox 1.5.x).

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