Cyber-criminals Use P2P Tools for Identity Theft, Security Analyst Warns

Security experts warned that cyber-criminals use P2P or Peer-to-Peer tools for Identity Theft. Tools like Kazaa, Grokster, Gnutella, LimeWire, WinMX, BearShare, and a lot more other P2P Networks out there.

Follow up:

Schmidt, a co-architect of the national cyber-security policy presented to the president’s Critical Infrastructure Protection Board in 2003 by himself and then-Homeland Security Secretary Tom Ridge, prefers to call the Internet the “Evernet” and points to careless or ignorant use of P2P applications as a major part of the current identity theft problem.

The term Evernet has been used to describe the convergence of wireless, broadband and Internet telephony technologies that will result in people’s ability to be continuously connected to the Web anywhere using virtually any information device.

“We are connected today like we’ve never been connected before,” Schmidt said.

“We depend on the Evernet like nothing we have before. And nobody—I repeat—nobody has privacy. Ever opened one of those offers to see your free credit report? If you haven’t, do it. You may be surprised to find what’s in there, whether it’s right or wrong. And you’re not the only one who can get to it, either. It’s amazing how much information is available to anybody who really wants to look for it.”

Now more reason to ban P2P Networks from offices, especially here in the Philippines. Not that I support the banning of the P2P Networks from the office network but there are so many people who do not know a thing about the public nature of the internet and security, that people who have knowledge on how to protect themselves are also getting affected.

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