Connecting the PR World to the Blogosphere

A very interesting concept. theWeblogWire is a U$500.00 startup service that is connecting the pr world to the blogosphere. There are many PR distribution sites and networks, personally, I am a member of at least 5 top PR networks in the world (which I seldom use these days). Getting into those PR networks is not easy and getting PRs out to the people will take time as the Press Release will have to go through different channels, take some time sitting at some sites before the people can see it.

Follow up:

theWeblogWire will allow the PR world to send their press releases directly to the bloggers who are interested. These bloggers in turn will start different topics and discussions around the press release.

The service is still in beta and as such, they are still growing their clients. Though they are saying they have 100+ bloggers already, I still have to see how many PRs and which companies are using their service already. Sooner or later, other “big” companies will surely follow suit (and smaller companies at that), as more self-proclaimed marketing gurus and boastful MBA CEOs realized that the blogosphere is a space they must not ignore.

Visit them here: theWeblogWire.

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