Chikka and Google Talk now Interconnects

Finally, it is here, IM Federation at its best. Some of us techies are already sending messages to Chikka via Google Talk (and vice versa) for weeks now, but it was only recently that Chikka, Inc. officially announced Chikka’s membership or should I say, respecting the purpose and objective of the IM Federation and/or the XMPP Federation/XMPP.

Follow up:

From Chikka’s Press Release, they mentioned that it was promoted by Google, I will sort-of agree to that, since it was Google that really gave a huge push for the Federation. Although it has been around for years now and was started by Jabber, Inc. which is also the technology behind Google Talk which enables it to communicate to other Instant Messengers.

With Chikka joining the Federation, now we can send SMS or text messages to our love ones, contact networks, colleagues, without the need to use another IM Client which supports it. Jabber users for one can take advantage of Chikka’s service as most Jabber networks I’ve tried and seen do not have a plug-in for SMS sending.

Start sending messages to Chikka users now via Google Talk by adding

<10-digit mobile number> If you are a Chikka IM user, add Google Talk users by adding


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