Beta, Google’s blog hosting service released a new beta of their application taking advantage of the new technologies available today like the use of AJAX (though it is still very minimal as of today’s beta). The new beta incorporated the many much requested features which other services like LiveJournal already have – blog view permission for example. They also added “Labels” or tagging of posts, which is great but which should have been added earlier.

Follow up:

The new beta is now linked to your Google Account, which I’ve been wondering for years why they haven’t done it yet. Currently, the beta to my opinion, is not that ready yet for a production blog, but if you are patient with the bugs, or if you want to help them improve and bring the new to its final version, then go sign-up at

Once the beta is ready, everyone will be able to merge their Google-Blogger account and their current independent-Blogger account. I can’t wait for it.

See a demo blog of mine:

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