b2evolution Blog Application 1.8.1 RC Milestone Released

The first Release Candidate (RC) for the new b2evolution (b2e) blog software went out as b2evolution 1.8.1 “Milestone”.

It is now ready for production servers, especially to those who are still using the b2evolution 0.9.2 “Sparkle” release and those who are testing in a production server (like gameshogun.ws) b2evolution 1.8 beta “Summer Beta” release.

With that, gameshogun.ws will undergo an upgrade tomorrow. This will be quick, many of you will not noticed that gameshogun.ws updated to the latest b2evolution version after the update.

Download: b2evolution 1.8.1 “Milestone”

Changed Files Download: b2evolution 1.8.1 “Milestone” – Changed Files only

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