AIM and ICQ – Messenger Cross-Communication

I missed the news about AIM and ICQ allowing cross-communication, last time I checked, cross-communication is still not possible. If I missed it, then AIM-ICQ didn’t make a big announcement about it or they were just overrun by the Windows Live Messenger and Yahoo! Messenger cross-communication beta testing.

Here are screenshots when you want to add a someone from another messenger.

Follow up:

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* It is interesting to note that under AIM Triton, it says, Enter a screen name, ICQ number, or other IM address, could it be a preparation for the upcoming AIM+Google Talk cross-communication?

Especially that, ICQ do not have any hints or section for “other IMs” as shown:

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The next screenshots are a sample of IM’ing between AIM and ICQ.

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Currently, other than IM’ing between AIM and ICQ, the only other feature I noticed to be available is File Transfers. That’s good enough in my opinion. Next thing they should implement is voice chatting between AIM and ICQ.

Now I can’t wait for the AIM and Google Talk cross-communication. I’m sure once they successfully launched it, they’ll implement an ICQ and Google Talk cross-communication as well.

Congratulations and Good Luck to all Instant Messengers.

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