Adobe(R) Media Player(TM)

The player that will kill Apple’s iTunes.

Is a desktop media player that offers useful features for viewers to manage and interact with their favorite content, and features for content publishers to define branding and advertising in and around their content. The Adobe® Media Player™ will be one of the first Apollo applications from Adobe.

Summary of features? Read on…


Follow up:

Before anything else, if you are familiar with Codename: Philo this is it.

The features for the Consumers (that means YOU):

  • FLV on your Desktop – Stream, download, manage, and play rich media content. Double click on any FLV file to play it in Adobe Media Player. (Flash Video is the choice for video distribution today, better compression resulting to smaller file sizes than the MOV format.)
  • Favorite Shows – Automatically download new episodes of your favorite Internet TV shows and video podcasts.
  • What’s New – Quickly organize and play a list of new episodes from your favorite Internet TV shows and video podcasts.
  • Library – Gather and manage your personal collection of Flash videos.
  • Tags & Ratings – Add personal keywords and ratings to Flash videos.
  • Smart Playlists – Filter your Library and Favorites based on tags and ratings.
  • Catalog – Discover new Internet TV shows and video podcasts to add to your Favorite Shows.

For Content Publishers:
Major advantage of switching – monetization of your podcasts for example.

  • Branding – Deliver backgrounds and badges which are displayed dynamically around your content when it is viewed in Adobe Media Player.
  • Advertising – Dynamically deliver banners, in-rolls, and bugs, using your existing ad system, which are displayed in and around your content.
  • Usage Statistics – Anonymously tracks and asynchronously reports content usage to provide valuable metrics for your business.
  • Content Protection – Ensure that ads can’t be replaced or removed, and that content can’t be reused or remixed without your consent.
  • Media RSS – Increases viewership by conveniently delivering new content on an automatic and periodic basis.

What’s up with AMP? It will replace Apple’s iTunes, the player that introduced the PC world to podcasting, and the player that is dominating the market today. And it really looks bad for iTunes, I for one, an end-user and a content publisher (work), will use AMP. iTunes will still be installed (unlike WinAmp, I don’t install it anymore) because I have a Motorola ROKR, but if AMP will be compatible, then there’s no need to keep iTunes installed. Quicktime? There are many players out there that can play the Quicktime format, and AMP will be one of them.

“Will be?” Yep, Adobe Media Player (and I’m calling it ‘AMP’) will be available until the end of this year (2007), it is still far. But hey, its worth the wait.

Source: Adobe Labs.

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