3bubbles gone, welcome Gabbly

3bubbles gone?

First, just want to announce that upgrading of the gameshogun.ws blog software was a success.

Now, where is 3bubbles.com gone to? This is one service I’ve been testing (and invited to test) that allows blog owners to give a “chatroom” to each and every post in their blogs. But while updating the blognet, I noticed that 3bubbles do not show up as it used to, I visited their site and it is now redirecting to Yes, a radio search portal with chatting and forum support.

Follow up:

Tried searching but there really are no news about 3bubbles.com, so I searched for similar services and found, Gabbly and mobber.

“mobber”, this service is similar to other “chat” services being offerred by other communities way back in the 90s, ICQ.com offered a chatroom that anyone can put to their sites, this is the main feature of mobber. Other features of mobber is giving your “Instant Community” (as mobber calls it) a forum or messages, gallery or photos, videos (videos must be uploaded from a video hosting services like YouTube and GoogleVideo), and a members list.

Next is Gabbly, and I like this one, in fact, it is great. I can say better than 3bubbles. Gabbly is very simple to use, just add this url “gabbly.com/” before any URL, so for example, if you want to chat here in gameshogun.ws, just make the URL in your browser’s address bar to look like this: gabbly.com/gameshogun.ws, as simple as that (go click it, I know you want to).

The only comment I have is, it locks a website inside a frame. But with a chat module you can drag anywhere, and still be able to browse the website and talk with other people in the website, locking a website inside a frame is tolerable. This is gabbly. Go try it with your own website.

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