Year of the Yang Earth Rat – Happy Chinese New Year

It’s countdown to the Chinese New Year and let me be the first one to say,
in Mandarin: “xin nian yu kuai, gong xi fa cai”;
in Cantonese: “sun nien fai lok, gung hay fat choy”; and
in Hokkien: “xin ni kuai leh, kiong hee huat chai”.

Of course, let me also greet you in Korean: “say hay boke-mahn he pah du say oh”.

Thursday, February 7, 2008 is the (lunisolar) Chinese (Calendar) New Year. This year is also known as the Year of the Rat. Here are more details about this new year.

Heavenly Stem: 戊 wù
Yin Yang: Yang
Element: Earth
Earthly Branch: 子 zǐ
Animal: 鼠 Rat

Happy New Year and May You Become Prosperous!!

Follow up:

And just for fun:

My Birth Date: January 27, 1982
Heavenly Stem: 壬 rén
Yin Yang: Yang
Element: Water
Earthly Branch: 戌 xū
Animal: 狗 Dog

Tropical Zodiac: Aquarius (The Water Carrier)
Element: Air (Yes, Aquarius is an Air Sign)
Qualities: Fixed
Keyword: “I know” / Intellectual
Suit: Spades
Tarot: Swords

My One-and-Only Sherlene Solatorio: July 23, 1984
Heavenly Stem: 甲 jiǎ
Yin Yang: Yang
Element: Wood
Earthly Branch: 子 zǐ
Animal: 鼠 Rat

Tropical Zodiac: Leo (The Lion)
Element: Fire
Qualities: Fixed
Keyword: “I will” / Physical
Suit: Clubs
Tarot: Wands

I can add more to that, but that’s for another post (I actually blogged about it years ago, on how to read a person’s personality through these signs).

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