Which secret government documents will be declassified on December 31?

Rejoice everyone! Rejoice for the great United States of America will declassified many millions of pages of Top secret documents! Dance, jump, all those who are into conspiracy theories…

Ok enough of that, read this quote about which stuff we will see and which we won’t know..

Follow up:

So what can we expect to learn when these pages become accessible to the public? We’re not talking about small secrets here. Experts says the documents will tell us about the inner workings of such events and periods as World War II; the Cold War; the McCarthy-era search for Communist sympathizers in the United States and the very real presence of Soviet spies in the U.S. government’s upper ranks; the Cuban missile crisis; the Vietnam War and the government’s anti-war-protestor activities including surveillance and penetration of activist groups; the CIA’s secret experiments with LSD; the Camp David Accords that resulted in a peace treaty between Israel and Egypt; the Iran hostage crisis in 1979; and the Soviet Union’s attack on Afghanistan that same year.

What we won’t be finding out about are specific war strategies, information on weapons of mass destruction, spy identities and other documents that would put specific people or the United States at risk.

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