Transformers the Game – Site Live!


Here’s an email from Activision

Believe me! the game is very addicting hahahahah, its fun coz its FREE
– Azrael TFPH

Image of website

Visit the homepage

Decepticons – the Battle for the AllSpark has begun!
Choosing sides was just the beginning…

TRANSFORMERSGAME.COM is now live with video game information, trailers, character bios, screenshots, developer diaries and more. Visit the site now and join the Battle for the AllSpark, the unique multiplayer web game where you rack up points to get exclusive access to special content. Select your robot and engage in one-on-one battles in real time to build status, talk smack, and win great prizes!

As of 11am PST on May 11th, the Decepticons lead the Autobots by 1.3 million points. Join up Decepticons

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