The J spot is looking for more game writers

Gaming addicts, enthusiasts and noobies alike; listen up! Angelo Racoma of The J Spot is again on the hunt for more game writers for his subscription-only forum-type community with a particular area for MMORPGs.

He writes:

I’m on the lookout for game writers again—either writers who play MMORPGs (that’s Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games to the uninitiated) or gamers who can write well. Either way, you would have to be a good writer and you would have to have some experience with games. If you’re a really good gamer and a really good writer, then that’s even better!

Follow up:

Gamers who have the skill and quite mastery of the pen and plays any of the following games below are invited to try it out. This is a golden opportunity to take your gaming life to the next level and possible make a good living off it. Share tips, tricks, how-tos, guides and become recognized as a GM or game master in your particular game.

* City of Heroes/Villains
* EverQuest 2
* Lineage 2
* Star Wars Galaxies
* Dungeons and Dragons Online

Simply email Sir Angelo Racoma or leave a comment in his post which you can find via this link.

Good luck to those interested and you are all highly encouraged to try it out.

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