The World’s Longest Buffet

And that’s the Eastwood City World’s Longest Buffet in the Philippines still on-going as I write this. Yep that’s right. 350 Meter Buffet Table, 400 Different Dishes, 36 Restaurants and 10 International Cuisines. Additionally, if what I was told is correct, 6,000 tickets sold. Each ticket costs PhP350.00 or U$6.31427 per person at today’s exchange rate.

I was there together with my friends, co-workers and former co-workers, 35 people in our group. We tasted the Japanese Cuisine, Italian Cuisine, Chinese Cuisine, Spanish Cuisine, European, Continental, Asian and the International Desserts. I am not sure however if some of us tried the Filipino Cuisine and the American Cuisine as these two are well very common here in the Metropolitan Manila. Sadly however, I wasn’t able to try the Chinese Cuisine as it was the number cuisine in the event and all their servings (batches!!) consumed.

It was really fun especially when the International Dessert group slowly offered their 5 batches of servings (and I think it was more than 5 batches). People really flocked the desserts that the tables already turned, good thing the chefs were holding the plates or everything went to waste. I took pictures while the people were going crazy over the new batches of desserts while holding my own plate. After that, people eat it right there and there and get another serving. (BIG STOMACHS!! oh wait I’m guilty as well . . . )

I will post some of the pictures I took later after I transfer it from the mobile phone I used.

Was it worth my money? Yes, especially when a guy keyboardist of a band sung 4 high-pitch songs people shout after they realize it’s a guy singing.

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