The game I really can’t wait to start playing (again)

O2Jam Philippines. This is one heck of a game I am dying to play again in full capabilities. I used to play in the O2Jam Malaysian server but since the Pay-to-Play launch, I can’t get in the commercial servers and can only play in the free servers. The difference is that in the free servers, a player can not use the store to buy items (at least that’s how it is to me).

I’ve been playing this game since the early months of 2004 after a year and a half, O2Jam is finally here in the country and I can now play in full force.

What is O2Jam? O2Jam is a casual “dance” game using your keyboards, similar to the emulation of DDR or Dance Dance Revolution in its PC and console counterparts. The similarity however ends there. In O2Jam a player has a representation of himself/herself, an avatar in other words. Every win, you will earn gems which you can use to buy certain items in the item shop available for the “gems” currency.

The designs are cute and very asian which I am sure will appeal to many Filipinos (some local market experts disagree however). And the game itself, well let’s continue. A player’s avatar also have the so-called “levels” and this can be achieved by competiting with other “real players”. You can play alone but you will not gain points for levelling-up. As you go up in levels, there are certain breakpoints wherein you have to satisfy the next level’s requirements. An example would be to “achieve an X number of combos for this Y Song under this Z Speed, to reach level A”. Obviously it gets harder and harder as you progress.

The game also offers cash buying which is very common in a casual-type game. Look at GunBound for example. Finally, O2Jam is a very competitive casual game unlike what other casual games has to offer, O2Jam recently held it’s 1st-ever O2Jam World Championship. Sadly though, the Philippines was not part of it as O2Jam Philippines is still being setup.

I hope I will be accepted in the closed beta as sure am going to test the local version, not counting the fact I already know the game.

E-Games Philippines (IPVG), could you launch before the end of 2005? My hands are itching to reign.. I mean, play..

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