Pre-Sales Questions to

Since the server locked up posting.php and PMs (forbidden error), I will post these questions here and hope ploghost can answer these ^_^

Follow up:

PHP 5.2.1 (native, no PHP4 in the background)
mySQL 5.0.37 or 5.1.16(beta)
WHM/cPanel 10.9.0 (b 8800) or 11.1 (b 360)
Zend and Zend Optimizer

Do you have Ubuntu? ^_^

What’s your CPU usage limit?
What’s your digg-ified policy?

I’m referring to shared hosting only, not dedicated ;) I don’t need a dedicated yet for the blog I’m considering moving here.

There is also a site I’m considering, but this one will require a dedicated server (or close to needing a dedicated server).



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