PayPal: One Great Way to Improve the Philippine Economy

Really? Yes, I believe the same thing, that’s what I’ve been saying since PayPal removed the Philippines from their PayPal-enabled countries (we were there before, some of us were able to successfully register and some still have their PayPal accounts with a Philippine credit card).

The J Spot discusses about how PayPal (the service) can help the Philippines with its problems like “Employment, Underemployment, Unemployment” and more business opportunities for the Filipinos. But as we know it, PayPal do not want to add the Philippines for various reasons. I talked to PayPal 4-5 years ago, and the reason they gave me was that the local banks in the Philippines are asking for a big cut for the revenues the Philippines will generate for PayPal. Well, that is very well true.

Follow up:

In fact, when the Korean game developers met with us (when I was still in my former company/employer), they all get surprised when we say that the banks and mobile networks here in the country always want this percentage for the charges, I will not say how much, but for the Koreans, Europeans and Americans, the cut is really big – Americans call it bullsh*t. And it is really, so I can not blame PayPal for not offering their service for holders of a Philippine-issued credit cards.

But is all hope lost? Nope, there is still a future for all of us. The J Spot thinks that if we gather together, if we join up, if we pool all our resources and ideas, we can make a change, best of all, get the attention of the government and from there, make the government impose new laws or at least guides to make the Philippines passed the criteria of PayPal. Who knows, this will open the Philippines and get more attention to our country not just for PayPal but to many other e-commerce out there in the world.

Good? Read and join the “force” HERE.

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