Movie Review: The Forbidden Kingdom

I like both Jackie Chan and Jet Li’s films, however, they are both quite different in style, and thus hard to compare.

Follow up:

Although Jackie Chan’s skills are amazing, I feel, as a character, he is more suited to the slightly more light-hearted role, he always comes accrosss as the “I don’t want to have to fight you” type.

Whereas in comparison, Jet Li, is very much the “get out of the way or I’ll make you move” type, and for that reason, he works better under serious titles, like Unleashed, War etc.

However, I think for me they are both very close, I love the comedy aspects of Jackie Chan’s films, as well as the action and amazing stunts that he performs himself.

I think this will be a very interesting one to see, two very different styles coming to the same film.

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