mobiuskids is ready to hit the town this December

Here’s good news for parents trying to wean their kids away from violent video games and too much TV. Digital Media Exchange, Inc. (dme) has announced that it is set to release, a family-oriented and kid-friendly service, in December this year in Southeast Asia.

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mobiuskids is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia, serving the often overlooked preteen market with games and activities centered around child learning and family interaction.

“We aim to serve the huge but untapped “tween” market in Southeast Asia with mobiuskids. This is not just a site for gaming but also an edutainment site–where parents and their kids can actually work together performing fun games or cooperating through a task scheduler and other activities that promote and nurture responsibility in kids,” said mobiuskids Product Manager Thea Ragas.

mobiuskids focuses on the educational aspect of gaming, offering games and activities that will challenge and stimulate a child’s different abilities, including motor and spatial skills.

Kids from 5 to 12 years old can enjoy loads of downloadable flash and arcade games, two massively multiplayer online games (MMOG), and even a kiddie social network service.

Parents will also enjoy parental control on mobiuskids, which offers tools and fun activities which they can perform with their kids, like a kiddie piggybank, task scheduler, and goal tracker. And with mobiuskids’ strict privacy policy, parents can rest easy knowing that their kids are in good hands.

“We’ve set out not only to make mobiuskids the best online playground in Southeast Asia, but also the safest,” Ms. Ragas stated. “Kids are not required to give their names, addresses or any other confidential information during registration, and require parent validation before they can use the site.”

Parents can now rest easy while their children navigate through the colorful world of mobiuskids—not only will their kids learn from the website’s various educational games, they have no fear of Internet predators or unsafe content their kids might stumble upon.

Headlining mobiuskids are two massively multiplayer online games (MMOG): Disney’s Toontown Online, an award-winning, endlessly evolving, and immersive 3-D online world for kids and their families where players live as Toons and the other is GoPets, an online virtual pet game and community.

Are you toon enough?

Create your own Toon character, furnish your estate, customize a race kart, train a pet Doodle, and team up with friends to defeat the invading robot Cogs. Because Cogs can’t take a joke, use your giant arsenal of gags to crack them up. Get out your seltzer bottles, drop a few safes and let the cream pies fly!

In the US, since launching in June 2003, Toontown has been home to over 15 million unique Toons.

Get yourself a virtual pet today!

GoPets has evolved from a global virtual pet community where users’ pets travel around the world to meet other users with whom their owners share interests, to include fun engaging games which users can play with their pets.

Since GoPets’ launch in August 2004, the game has accumulated more than 100,000 GoPets owners around the world.

mobiuskids market

Young online shoppers will also find something to buy in mobiuskids’ marketplace, where they can find items ranging from game load for their favorite MMOG, to fun stuff that they can use for their other games.

The marketplace is powered by dme’s revolutionary online prepaid payment system, mobiusonline. Kids will only need to load up their accounts through prepaid cards that they can easily purchase from recognized distributors. Buying is a cinch with mobiusonline’s intuitive checkout system, which has also been integrated into mobiuskids’ marketplace.

Kids and parents alike can look forward to more groundbreaking family activities in mobiuskids. “mobiuskids still has a lot in store for families in the coming months. We’re continually adding new content, with more educational games and activities that kids can learn valuable skills from while enjoying the engaging game play,” Ms. Ragas added.

About Digital Media Exchange

Digital Media Exchange, Inc. (dme) is the premier publisher and distributor of high quality digital media content throughout Southeast Asia, growing from an online game publisher in the Philippines to a payment solution-enabled digital media publisher for developers seeking access to Southeast Asia. dme reaches more than 5.6 million registered users through its mobius consumer brand and has aggressively grown its market to acquire the largest number of paying subscribers across Southeast Asia where English is the primary or secondary language. Committed to providing scalable high quality/low cost offshore online game services, dme has pioneered the first Internet Exchange in the Philippines to provide a latency-efficient network for digital media exchange. dme has also released mobiusonline, the first prepaid payment solution in Southeast Asia, and has released—an online edutainment service for kids and families—and—an online music community focusing on independent artists and listeners. dme is continually growing its service offering to include managed hosting, network solutions, and people outsourcing specialized to the online game industry. For more information, visit:

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