Impersonation and Hacking

Sometimes it is flattering to see people impostor-ing yourself, you will wonder why – do they love you? Do they hate you? Are they so jealous of your success and/or popularity? Or they simply have nothing good to do? Obviously, they just have nothing good to do. I mean, why waste your time to impostor someone? Why waste your time to destroy the reputation of an organization, or of a person?

Follow up:

There are many people who are trying to destroy the reputation of the guild Holy Order of the LightTM as well as my reputation. They do it in different degrees and ways, the recent one is from the Massively Multiplayer Online Game (MMOG) Tantra Online Philippines where a hacker (they don’t deserve to be called a hacker) showed up publicly in the Diyana server as a GameMaster or GM that goes by the name “HOL_Labieus_Lord”.

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Oh well, good luck to these people. There are 6.65+ billion people in the world, the Holy Order of the Light and me won’t get affected even if the guild’s reputation and my reputation is destroyed in the eyes and minds of a few hundred (let’s be generous), a few thousand people. See where I am getting at?

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