Hunting for a new DSL ISP

So I am looking for a new DSL ISP, any suggestions or agents who wants to offer their ISP to me?

Now now, for all the Globe Innove agents read this: FORGET IT. You know why? I am going to cancel my Globe Innove subscription. My reasons?

Follow up:

1) Of the 1.5Mbps connection I am paying, I only get most of the time 500kbps OR LESS (even got less than 100kbps a few weeks last year 2007), that is less than 2/3 of the connection speed, and according to the Globe Innove tech I talked to, it is basic rule that customers must get AT LEAST 2/3 of the connection speed;
2) The 1.5Mbps connection was already upgraded to 2Mbps and we’re still not yet upgraded;
3) I did an experiment, and for the month of January 2008, every time I run an online game client my connection starts to disconnect FREQUENTLY, if I shut down the client, the connection is stable;
4) I already wasted so many opportunities, time, and money because of the slow connection, dead phone lines, no internet connection, or frequent disconnections for the past year;
5) They give so many reasons why you have no internet connection like the maintenance guy pulled your connection (which happened for a few times months apart from each incident) or it was struck by lightning and the box was fried or some other guy installing a new connection accidentally moved your connection and it was “unplugged” just like that);
6) They will give you a discount for all the bad service they provided, a discount of (if I recall the exact amount) PhP40.00 (what an insult);
7) When you call them, you will wait for hours to get someone to talk to you (probably they only have 1 support available, plus the number of people calling them, since you have to wait that long);
8) Im tired of your “top-quality” service;

and many more… piling up!

Any takers? An ISP that is better than Globe Innove? Your turn for me to try.

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