(UPDATE #3) Lupin 3rd Live-Action (and SailorMoon too) – PINOY VERSION

(First posted: December 30, 2006 – 8:00pm)

Yes, GMA 7 will air a Pinoy Live-Action version of an anime hit series Lupin 3rd and an original show that seems to be loosely based from SailorMoon this coming 2007. Additionally, they will also air a new original show that looks like a mixture of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider, a popular movie series and game title respectively.

(1/1/2007 early morning UPDATE inside)
(1/1/2007 7:40pm UPDATE #2 inside)
(1/1/2007 8:50pm UPDATE #3 inside)

Follow up:


The first part is the Pinoy Live-Action version of Lupin 3rd entitled Lupin, the second part of the teaser trailer is Super Twins (probably loosely based from SailorMoon), the last part is Asian Treasures which appears to be a mixed of the game series Tomb Raider and Indiana Jones.

Asian Treasures will be released first, already scheduled to air this January 2007, while Lupin and Super Twins sometime 1st Quarter of the coming year.

Will these be good considering Filipinos created these shows? For ABS-CBN fans, they will say it is bad, the competition between the two network is also being waged on the fan level. But let us not forget that Super Noypi was produced by both network stations and the CableTV channel HERO TV was reported to be a joint-venture between GMA 7 and ABS-CBN too (update: I checked the two sites where this was reported [one was a press release from HERO] but it’s not available anymore, probably was put down).

It is also common to hear Filipinos quickly judging Filipino products as low-quality, copycats, and the like. It is already the modern age and we still have the very bad “crab-mentality”. True that GMA 7 is going to air a “[1] Pinoy; [2]Live-Action” version of hit anime series from [3] other countries. But remember this is the first time we are actually going to do it (at least creating a Live-Action from an anime series). Singapore, China, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand and even the United States have produced countless of “copycat (as some prefer to call it)” shows before and are continually doing so.

Other also said that other countries will judge us Filipinos as “copycats” who know nothing but to create a copy of someone else’s work. My question to them, how sure are you that these “other countries” will say it? Do you know how their mind works? Did you live with them for so long that you understand their way of thinking?

Fellow Filipinos, don’t be too quick to judge your fellow Filipinos. I’m sure it is safe to say that this move of GMA 7, and the Filipino race in general is in the bottom, if not the last, of the list of countries who creates a local-version of popular shows from other countries.

If I were you, just support GMA and to all the ABS-CBN fans, tell your network to start doing what GMA is doing and veer-off from the old Pinoy-style “drama, iyakan, sigawan, action” storyline and editing.

“Don’t just the book by its cover” let me add, “especially your OWN fellow Pinoys.”

Via Laibcoms.Community, thanks to nuripe.

January 1, 2007 (early morning) UPDATE:

Jepoy wrote about GMA 7’s upcoming primetime shows – Asian Treasures, Super Twins and Lupin. But as I’ve read everywhere, where this topic is being discussed (or a teaser trailer is posted [YouTube]), Filipnos are very quick to judge their own Filipino brothers and sisters that it is a “rip-off”, a “copycat”, a “copy/paste”, and whatever they want to call it.

Again, I will say this, give them a chance to prove themselves. Our neighboring countries has been doing that which you hate for decades already, even the US of A that many Filipinos “praise” when it comes to live-action series and movies, they also create “rip-offs”, “copycats”, “copy/paste” shows. Does that makes us Filipinos any lesser than them because we “ripped-off” someone elses show? Does that makes us Filipinos to be branded by foreigners as “copycats” when they themselves have done it time and time again? The answer to these two questions are a simple: Definitely NO!

So stop judging Filipino made shows as “rip-off” or “copycats”. Just watch the show from beginning to end, then judge it. Oh don’t tell me you are “criticizing”, the show haven’t even started yet and you are already “criticizing” it? Be fair. Watch it to the end and you can “criticize” it all you want. You don’t even know yet if GMA 7’s Lupin, Super Twins and Asian Treasures were poorly done, don’t be too quick to judge, I will repeat it over and over again if I have to.

Read also the comments posted by Pinoy YouTubers -> GMA Telebabad 2007 Grand Full Teaser

1/1/2007 7:40pm UPDATE #2

According to Philstar.com, one of GMA’s upcoming show entitled Lupin (Lupin III based on the YouTube teaser trailer) is about the popular anime hit series Lupin III. GMA Network bought the rights from the Japanese producer of Lupin III. GMA’s “Lupin” tentative airing date is on March 2007.

The casts are:
Richard Gutierrez as Lupin III
Ehra Madrigal as Fujiko
Vic Sotto as Detective Zenigata
Gian Carlos as Jigen
Mike Tan as Goemon

Asian Treasures, another upcoming show of GMA for primetime slot, will start airing on 15th January 2007, this according to Wikipedia, though personally, I think it is simply a tentative date (it wasn’t marked in the wikipedia entry).

On 12th February 2007, the Super Twins will fly in the skies, this again is according to Wikipedia and is subject to change.

1/1/2007 8:50pm UPDATE #3

Just as I thought, there are people who mis-understood me, I received a Google Talk Instant Message a few minutes ago and told me that I am blindly defending a network that sucks.

I will share this discussion exchange we have over at e-Games Forums

m4m4wz0rz said,

hmm… the tomb raider and indiana jones fusion in “asian treasures” is a thing to watch.. plus robin padilla and angel locsin is better looking than their western counterparts…

i don’t know with super twins, Lupin is kinda cute, pede na rin eka nga.


Zanarkand said,

Lupin will surely have some viewers since ” bossing ” is one of the cast Grin


but im kinda interested in ” asian treasures “. i wanna see how the indiana jones / tomb raider

like fusion will come out. ok din c robin nice choice na sya ang napiling gumanap dunno

about angel if she can handle the actions [ if there are Grin ]

I replied,

Yep. I agree, Lupin will surely have a following. First, because it is Lupin III, second, well that.. Vic Sotto.
I think Vic is really more appropriate to take the role as Detective Zenigata than as Lupin.

I also don’t know if Richard will be able to fulfill the role of Lupin III as we know him in the manga and anime.

Asian Treasures, I agree too. What makes me curious about it is just like you, the mixture of Indiana Jones and Lara Croft’s Tomb Raider. And indeed, Robin is very fitting for the Indiana role. Angel Locsin? Let’s hope, lolz… so far Angel Locsin and Richard are two actors that are questionable for their new roles :p

Zanarkand replied back,

aw edi ang asian treasures ang pinaka unang i – e – ere nang GMA 7

dun sa 3 said shows na highly anticipated … un pa naman ung type kong

genre. e1 ko sa super twins baka maging comedy lang ung kalabasan xD

I said,

Yep, Asian Treasures will air first. This month na. Also, Asian Treasures will be filmed in various Asian locations, I was tipped that other Asian countries showed interest to the show and will buy rights for it once it finishes here in the Philippines.

Super Twins, dunno. I agree with you, it isn’t as promising as Lupin or Asian Treasures. Heck, GMA’s other upcoming show “Magic Kamison” is more promising than Super Twins.

What I think of Super Twins outcome, it will become a “SailorMoon”-type result wherein the majority of its fans are “boys” – sexy, white, smooth legs… breast… pretty cute girls who looks like 15 years old only, and those gurly-antics that makes a guy go gaga over her.

I can already imagine many carinderias with a TV…
Kumakain: Super Twins na!!
Tambay: Oi, Super Twins na!!! Dali!
Sinigawan: Cge, tawagin mo na lang ako mamaya pag nag transform na…
Tambay #2: Ayan nag transform na, WUHOOO
Mga nagtakbuhan: Yes, ayos, ganda legs… cute pa!! Ganda ng damit, sana iniklian pa nila ung skirt, dapat mini-mini skirt, tapos ginawa pa lalong fit ung damit…. Yeehaaaw!! Super Twins!

Gets where I am standing here? I have pre-premier comments just like you, but not to point wherein I already dismissed the show and GMA’s production. I will still watch these shows, so I can give an unbias criticism later. Copycat? Ripped-off? Who cares if we can do it better than them? And besides, we lack good writers and script writers, how can you and me expect them, like GMA, to create original stories and teleseryes? And as I’ve said previously, GMA is experimenting, if it isn’t obvious to you, GMA wants to know how the Filipino people will react if a Filipino entertainment company produces a Pinoy-version of a popular foreign product – example Asian Treasures, no matter how much we look at it, it is a mixture of Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider.

It is our road to improvement and success. One day, the kind of show you and me are looking for will be born, but we won’t be able to reach that if we don’t support them. If we want “substance” and quality acting, then let’s be unbias when we give pre-premier comments. Give your criticisms later, seriously, later after you watched a reasonable amount of episodes for each shows of GMA, ABS-CBN, or any other Filipino teleseryes and movies.

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