Experiencing the 9.11 Terrorist Attack via the Internet

It’s the 5th Anniversary of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack that rocked the world. September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center and Pentagon was hit by the Al-Queda hijacked plane. The WTC building collapsed and countless of people were killed.

Follow up:

During that disaster, I was in an iCafe (Internet Cafe) here in the Philippines. It was night here, chatting with fellow Anime fans, when the first plane hit one of the two WTC towers. At first, people thought it was an accident until a few moments later, another plane hit the other tower. It was this time that people, at least in the Anime chatroom, figured that it’s a terrorist attack.

We were then chatting with two anime fans who are working in WTC. While another four who are working and living in the surrounding area and suburbs. They were describing to us what is happening via the chatroom, while the two chatters from the WTC are panicking, they can’t get out anymore because they were at the higher floors from where the plane hit. Simply, their fate is sealed, one was even considering jumping.

Few minutes later, the two chatters witnessed how the other tower collapsed on itself and this further brought them to panick. We knew then what will happen next. The two said their goodbyes, their final words, and left us sad yet inspiring short speeches and stories of their experiences in life. Then they both got disconnected at the same time.

The other chatters who can see the towers from their offices and houses told us the last tower finally gave in and collapsed. A moment of silence from all of us as we realized and absorbed what happened. There are no words to explain what we felt that day/night. Via a chatroom, with our common grounds of being an anime fan and otakus, we witnessed “online” the 9.11 disaster. With our old friends being able to send their feelings and emotional stress to all of us, miles apart, across the world, via the little electricity flowing through the phone lines and cables.

It was sad. And this is a tribute to them, and to all the victims.

A few moments of silence from us who were in the chatroom. And God Bless to all their families and love ones.

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