Earthquakes Hit Parts of Asia

Four Earthquakes hit parts of Asia early Sunday today (or late night Saturday UTC/GMT). A 7.6-magnitude hit the province of West Papua in Indonesia; a 5.9-magnitude hit the Afghanistan and Pakistan border; a 5.1-magnitude hit the Eastern coast of Taiwan; and another quake of 7.5-magnitude hit West Papua, Indonesia which was then followed by a series of smaller quakes one as strong as 6.1-magnitude.

Here is a timeline:

  • @1943H UTC, 2008-01-03 Saturday
    • 7.6-magnitude quake hit West Papua, Indonesia
  • @2023H UTC, 2008-01-03 Saturday
    • 5.9-magnitude quake hit the Afghanistan and Pakistan border
  • @2204H UTC, 2008-01-03 Saturday
    • 5.1-magnitude quake hit the Eastern coast of Taiwan
  • @2233H UTC, 2008-01-03 Saturday
    • 7.5-magnitude aftershock hit West Papua, Indonesia
    • followed by a series of smaller quakes, one as strong as 6.1-magnitude

All Earthquakes were reported to be of tectonic origin.

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