(Update #2) Dayo to a Theater Near You

DAYO (Wanderer), the Philippines 2nd full-length animated film (the first was Urduja) will premier this December 25, 2008. Produced by CuttingEdge Production and directed by Robert Quilao with Artemio Abad Jr. and Eric Cabahug, DAYO is an Official entry to the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival (34th MMFF).

The Filipino Anime (as I personally call it) will be competing with 7 other entries namely: Ang Tanging Ina N’yong Lahat; Baler; Desperadas 2; Iskul Bukol; Magkaibigan; One Night Only; and Shake, Rattle & Roll X.

Follow up:

DAYO is the first Tradigital (or paperless) Filipino full-length animation film. It is also the first Tradigital animation film to be accepted in the annual Metro Manila Film Festival. Getting the film included in the film festival was a challenge for CuttingEdge Productions as the MMFF Committee did not immediately accept their application.

Eventually, after convincing the committee that they can make it to the big screen in time for the film festival, they were accepted as one of the final 8 out of the 19 hopefuls.

Although it’s rather difficult and expensive to produce an animation project, “it’s the only content we can sell abroad,” justifies Jessie Lasaten, executive producer of Dayo and chief executive officer of Cutting Edge. “The world is our market. The idea is to recover half of the investment in the local market, and half of it worldwide. But if we’re lucky, we can recover the whole investment locally.” Lasaten reveals that Cutting Edge has spent around $1.3 million (around P58 million) to produce Dayo.

artwork by Eric Cabahug & Chris Martin

The voices of the characters from DAYO are from:

  • Nash Aguas as Bubuy
  • Katrina “Hopia” Legaspi as Anna Manananggirl
  • Johnny Delgado as the father of Anna Manananggirl
  • Laurice Guillen as the voices of the minor characters like the Diwatas (or fairies)
  • Michael V as Narsi, a narcissistic tikbalang
  • Pokwang as Yaya Vicky, yaya of Anna Manananggirl
  • Nova Villa and Noel Trinidad as Bubuy’s grandparents
  • Peque Gallaga as the voice of the nuno sa punso

And the theme song entitled “Lipad” was performed by singer-actress Lea Salonga together with the FILharmonika Orchestra and her brother Gerard Salonga. Lipad is Lea’s first theme to sing for a local animated film, she performed the themes for Disney’s Aladdin and Mulan.

DAYO (Wanderer) Official Full Trailer

DAYO (Wanderer) Official Teaser Trailer

Come and watch DAYO starting on December 25 and give your support to the Filipino Animation industry. This is a step closer to a bright future for the Filipino animators, and this is definitely better than producing nothing at all.

You can also visit the Official Movie Site at https://dayomovie.com. Or you can buy the Official Soundtrack (OST) of DAYO ahead of the movie!

Lea Salonga sings “Lipad,” the official theme of Dayo

Dayo OST now released!
DAYO at the 2008 Metro Manila Film Festival
“Dayo” creators learn from “Urduja” experience
Unofficial (but very cool) posters! shared by mawie22

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