UPDATE #1: Curfew Implemented Tonight

Coverage: Central Luzon (Region III), Megapolitan Manila (NCR Region), and Southern Luzon (Region IV-A / CALABARZON)
Time: 0000H~0500H / 12:00mn to 5:00am
Date: Friday, 30th November 2007 (Bonifacio Day [Philippine Holiday])

The PNP will be issuing “guidelines” about the Curfew.

It is strongly recommended to bring legal IDs as well as your Company IDs if you are heading to work or going home. According to the initial announcements, only those with emergency issues will be allowed during the Curfew hours.

No further information after the news reports and announcements.

UPDATE (11/30/2007 12:21am)

During the Curfew Hours:

  • No weapons allowed – licensed or unlicensed
  • No PUVs will be allowed to travel
  • Bring legal IDs
  • Bring Company IDs for those going to work or going home
  • Only Valid Reasons will be honoured (Emergency and Work for example)

Exempted from the curfew:

  • Deliveries of products and services
  • Passengers of airlines with an early-morning or late-night flight
  • Emergency cases
  • Doctors and Hearlth care practitioners on duty
  • Police and military personnel on duty
  • Emergency response persons such as firemen and paramedics
  • Night-shift workers such as call center agents
  • Media crews on duty
  • diplomatic corps

Violators will be brought to the nearest police station for an interview and will be released only after the curfew (5:00am / 0500H), unless if the person will undergo more investigations. Violators will also undergo medical examination.

Checkpoint personnel must respect and conduct proper searches, arrests, and treatment to all. They must also be in uniform and with proper IDs and nameplates.

Checkpoints in all entry and exit points of every town and cities in Region III, National Capital Region, and Region IV-A (CALABARZON).

Reason: Post Operations procedures / Follow-Up Operations.
* If the operations/procedures are complete, the curfew will be over, otherwise the PNP may extend the curfew for another day.

Source: Malacanang Press Conference via NBN 4.

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