Anti-Obsession Regulations

Accoring to iResearch 2005 China Online Game Research Report, over 90% MMORPG gamers had somewhat awareness of anti-obsession system, and nearly half MMORPG gamers support this system. (iResearch 2005 China Online Game Research Report)

Follow up:

How many Chinese gamers supports the Anti-Obsession Law?
49.6% supports it;
11.9% said they have no choice but to comply;
9.6% said they have not heard of it;

14.6% are strongly against it, and the interesting part, 14.3% are not affected for they can create more accounts.

Presenting the same concept to other Asian gamers in the region, like the Philippines (based on casual conversation), they also said the same thing, create more accounts. I can say the reason behind that is most locally published online games can be played without the need to buy a game box which most Western online games have like Blizzard’s World of Warcraft.

But China already prepared for it, as this summer, China’s Ministry of Culture will launch new regulations for China’s iCafes this month and will hold a campaign to improve regulation of iCafes from July 1 to September 30, 2006 (according to Chinabyte). The regulation? It will focus on keeping minors out of Internet Cafes. Beijing Morning Post reports that Beijing Daxing District’s Public Security Bureau dispatched 107 security guards to work in 71 iCafes and the Beijing Yanqing Culture Commission is training iCafe staff. That doesn’t stop there, the the Hefei Department of Education and Hefei Ministry of Culture is hiring school teachers to supervise iCafes.

This is the latest in the attempt to control the obsession of online gamers which is Causing Real Concerns. Such regulations, laws, and/or organizations are still non-existant here in the Philippines, but it is not far from happening as the East Asian region is stepping up in their projects to control Online Game Addiction, with China, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam already implementing anti-obsession measures.

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