Why our breath smells in the morning

I woke up this morning to the dread of three things: My own blog, The Pinoy Explorer is still down, the Support team from Ploghost.com has not yet replied to my email for help and support ticket and I had morning breath.

However, we’re going to focus more on how I or most of us wake up with that not so pleasant morning breath after a good night’s sleep rather than the frustrating server downtime I’m currently experiencing. (I envy you if you do get some decent sleep by the way)

Bad breathFace it, we once had a morning when we woke up, gave out a big lazy and relaxing yawn something terribly foul spoiled our morning. It’s our not-so-good smelling breath. For some, the stench would be just revolting and enough to drive thoughts of staying a bit longer in bed for a few more minutes (read: hours) of sleep out of their minds. I know some of us would quickly head to the bathroom or the kitchen sink to gargle or brush their teeth but really, how many of us does this Western habit every morning? Because for us Pinoys, it’s breakfast or any other meal first, before brushing our teeth. Some of us are even lucky to afford a toothbrush and toothpaste nowadays. Why is this is so is another story.

Follow up:

Our breath smells in the morning all because of anaerobic bacteria that are constantly in our mouths. No matter how hard you brush, no matter how often you go to the dentist and no matter how many gallons of mouth wash you gargle, you may get rid 99.99% of these bacterias in your mouth but they will come back and come back they will. It’s a natural part of our body, the same way those “friendly lactus bacillus” bugs are constant and essential residents of our digestive system. (Again this is another story)

bacteriaA community of bacteria resides in our mouths and thrive in it. It’s dark, moist, has plenty of leftover food and at a healthy 98.6 degree Fahrenheit or 37 degree Celsius, our oral cavities are like the tropical jungles suitable for life.

Since we can’t or it’s nearly impossible to get rid of our microbial occupants, the best we can do is to contain them, keep them under control by doing the good oral hygiene practices I’ve mentioned earlier. This is easier said than done and we can do it when we are awake.

Our talking, laughing, kissing, swallowing or spitting out the accumulated saliva in our mouths, drinking and eating constantly causes a storm inside our mouths that prevents the bacteria from settling down and having a good time of their own which of course would be bad for us. It gives us bad breath or morning breath as the topic of this column is.

Of course when we settle in and hit the sack at night or at any other time we may be allowed to do so, the storm we create dies down and everything becomes calm and quite in our mouths. Save for some sleep-talkers or those who grind their teeth at sleep, those who sleep nice and comfy at night would be surprised to know that inside their mouths, a feast is taking place.

Bacterial activity increases as more saliva accumulates in our mouths, the mucus in our nasal cavities thicken and leftovers from that nice dinner becomes readily available for consumption.

In the span of your sleep, these bacteria produces Volatile Sulphur compounds, that when we get a sniff of in the next morning, it would wreak havoc and practically ruin our morning especially if we wake up beside our beloved.

toothbrushFear not, for there are steps to remedy this foul oral assault we unleash in the mornings, or whenever we wake up from sleep.

  • Brush and floss after your last meal before going to bed, this means dinner, dessert and even after your midnight snack.
  • Clean your tongue by brushing it gently, from the back to the tip with your toothbrush, and then applying some appropriate oral gel.
  • Gargle with your choice of oral mouthwash for 10 minutes to finish it all before going to bed. You will save your self the embarrassment and torture of your smelly breath the next morning.
  • For more tips and steps to prevent morning breath, simply follow this guides here and here.

    Now remember, an ounce of prevention is worht a pound of cure. So brush up, gargle nice and clean your tongue and please, stop smoking.

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