Invisbility cloak cloaser to reality

Yup, you read it right! The once just a pigment of the imagination and popular thing in both sci-fi and fantasy movies and novels called the invisible cloak has just taken a big leap towards becoming a real working thing.

This development was reported on the Discovery Channel website entitled: ‘Cloak of Invisibility’ Made Real by Randolph Schmid, Associated Press.

Follow up:

Portion of the story goes:

A team of American and British researchers has made a Cloak of Invisibility. Well, OK, it’s not perfect. But it’s a start, and it did a pretty good job of hiding a copper cylinder.

In this experiment the scientists used microwaves to try and detect the cylinder. Like light and radar waves, microwaves bounce off objects, making them visible and creating a shadow, though it has to be detected with instruments.

If you can hide something from microwaves, you can hide it from radar — a possibility that will fascinate the military.

Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fans would drool over this engineering development as both popular stories feature a cloak that makes its user invisible or blend in with the surrounding environment. However, there is still a long way to go in terms of testing, research and designing for final working device to come out.

Until then, at least we can comfort ourselves that this wonderful new technology is no longer stuck in the world of science-fiction and fantasy and would soon become a reality.

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