Double Conjunction Ending 2008

We witnessed the greatest conjunction in history, when the Heaven smiled upon us. Here’s another conjunction coming, a double conjunction will occur on the night of December 31st, right after the 2008 Last Sunset (Photo Activity).

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Follow up:

The waxing crescent Moon and Venus as well as Jupiter and Mercury. To catch Jupiter, especially Mercury, you have to wear a very dark shades so you can look directly to the setting Sun.

The Planet Mercury is only viewable when the Sun is rising or setting. So be sure to wear that sunglasses or anything that will shield your eyes from the last Sun rays of 2008. (You don’t want to go blind when 2009 enters.)

Here’s an image taken from Stellarium courtesy of .. the sky above ..: Stellarium Image.

Happy New Year! And do NOT forget the 2008 Last Sunset (Photo Activity)!!

Source: .. the sky above ..

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