See-Through Xray Cameras Sees Through Your Clothes

While surfing the web, usual checking of new technologies and what’s going on in the world and around the neighborhood (like the Martial Law in Thailand), I came across a technology that is well, being used to “see-through” human clothing. Obviously, the main target are women.

Follow up:

This is really old but of course countless of people (and women) are not yet aware of this technology. What more, this type of technology is something we only believe to exist in stories and men fantasies. Here in the Philippines alone, it is very hard to warn women to be careful when it comes to where they do their private stuff as there is a growing number of establishments and restaurants who have a hidden camera installed below their toilet bowls.

Now, the question is, how many are using this new technology to peep into people’s dresses out there in the public? No one knows, but you sure have been victimized already by those who have this tech. The first reported case was two years ago. The Times Online reported on 23rd October 2004 that Vodafone, a mobile phone company was embroiled in a row over a mobile camera attachment that allows peeoping toms to see through clothes.

Of course, Vodafone is not to blame here as the infrared “night filter” was made and developed in Japan, by a Fukui-based company called Yamada Denshi. The gadget can be bought across the internet for less than U$190.00. Dubbed as the “pervert filter”, the device was reported to be very effective on dark bikinis, and with high-end camera phones with powerful zooms and autofocus. The cameras are not illegal, even the technology itself, but using them to take nude pictures of any people is illegal, ask a Law expert and you’ll here countless of violations, first and formost – “Invasion of Privacy”.

There are other companies developing different gadgets for this technology that allows anyone to see through virtually anything. One is KAYA Optics, and here’s an experiment page showing how a KAYA 37mm F4 works. Kaya Special Optics, Inc. calls this new product the Infrared See-Through Filter PF. And if you want to understand how it works, you can read: KAYA’s How It Works page.

The technology is good. For example, if we want to check a person’s identity through their eyes (yes the technology exists today), similar to the technology shown/used in the Minority Report, a man wearing a dark sunglasses can still be confirmed as this technology will allow it to see-through his sunglasses. Another useful application is for document inspection. Even if the document has been spilled by an ink, the document can still be read, another use is through pollution monitoring and camouflage detection, to mention a few. (You can read more about the different applications here.)

But of course, voyuerism is one of them. We know time and time agian that every new positive discovery and technology comes its equal negative use. We developed industries and automobiles, in exchange, we pollute our world. We developed computers to help us in our daily lives, people use computers to steal information. The list goes on.

You don’t believe this technology really works? Then check out these sites:
Singapore Girls See Through Xray

Japanese and Korean Girl See Through Xray

Xray Pics of Ordinary Asian Girls

Now, do you believe? So ladies! Be warned. You are no longer safe even if you dress thick and is well-covered.

To the men, warn your families, relatives, love ones, children, and your wife/girlfriend/fiance.

How to avoid this? Based on how the technology works and on user-input, wear bright clothes, or make sure your clothes are as close to the color white as possible. Simply, white is the best counter.

Colors matter here, as light relies heavily on the colors. White reflects most (invisible and harmful) lights while black allows all types of light to pass through.

Sigh, well.. there’s nothing we can do about this. Just a warning, to all the peeping toms out there, if I see anyone I know in your gallery, just wait-and-see what will happen to you and your group. You’ve been warned.

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