OtakonEK 2008 Photos

This is very delayed, but I am having problems with my current host (I’m scouting for a new host), I just can’t post this. Add to that, I lost my write-up report due to heavy raining recently causing power fluctuations.

Regardless, OtakonEK 2008 was very successful and fun.

Follow up:

There were hundreds of Cosplayers (some of which either did not join the competition or didn’t make it the registration period), who they themselves joined the crowd enjoying the rides of Enchanted Kingdom (some Cosplayers got wet!). They even joined the EK parade, which further exposed that which we all like – Anime, Manga, Comics, Toys, Cosplay, to the families who went to have fun at EK.

Here are the photos of OtakonEK 2008.

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* All photos are licensed under CC By-SA 3.0 International, Philippines, and Malaysia.
You can get the photos here.

`Can’t wait for OtakonEK 2009!! Congratulations to Azrael, Ronald Guanzon, Enchanted Kingdom, and to all who, for a few days became nocturnals, just to make this event a huge success.

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