Naruto Chapter 321 – Smooth Talker

Naruto fans rejoice! The 321st chapter of our beloved anime has just been released in translated format as reported on

It’s an exciting and jaw-dropping chapter if may say. More and more information about Naurto’s abilities and the identity of the 4th Hokage is revealed in this chapter. The section below from page 12 of the manga chapter tells it all:

naruto chapter 321

Follow up:

Don’t you think that those words by Kakashi adds weight to the theory that Naruto’s father is the legendary 4th Hokage?|-| I sure think so. Anyways, more and more about Naruto and the 4th Hokage would be revealed to us soon as we await the next chapters of this great anime.

Also, Episode 199 has also been released and subbed by Dattebayo entitled; “Missing the Mark, The Visible Target” continues the part about that mysterious carpenter who has caused some stir in Konoha. The episode is quite exciting but, to be honest, I can’t wait for the filler-arc to finish. Seeing the manga translated into the anime just hypes up the cool factor of the Naruto anime.

Let’s just hope that rumors about the filler-arc ending this September turns out to be true.

Until then, we just have to be content and enjoy what we have. Everyone could download the manga Chapter 321 and the anime Episode 199 over at

A grand weekend to everyone!

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