Legend of Mir 2 coming to the Philippines

As I was reading the PhilGaming.Community Boards, I saw the thread entitled “Legend of Mir 2 coming to the Philippines”. I immediately clicked it and read. I wasn’t surprised though as I first learned about it a year or two ago, since then however, I thought they backed-out and instead will bring a different game but they did not and here they are now known as “Okey-Dokey Interactive Entertainment”.

Every hardcore gamer known what “Legend of Mir” is, regardless if they’re from China or not. “Legend of Mir 2″ is more popular than its predecessor and in fact spawn yet another sequel, “Legend of Mir 3″. Here I can say that Okey-Dokey made the right choice of bringing Legend of Mir 2 and not Legend of Mir 3. First I can not say much about LoM3 as I haven’t got a chance to play it but based on popularity in China alone, “LoM2″ still surpasses “LoM3″ unlike what’s happening with Lineage 1 and Lineage 2 in Korea. I played “LoM2″ a long-time ago and thus will save my comments for later after I get the chance (if ever) to play the “Philippine Legend of Mir 2″ by Okey-Dokey Interactive Entertainment.

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