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I don’t really bother or even check my Friendster Profiles, but just for the fun of it, I updated my three Friendster accounts. And as I see that there is no LinkedIn group for the Philippines and the East Asia Community, I created these two group over at Google Groups.

Read on for more info:

Follow up:

Friendster Profiles:
My Personal Friendster
GM/CM Xue – My Community Manager Profile while I was still with Digital Media Exchange, Inc. or Mobius Online Games
GM Yukino – My GameMaster Profile while I was still with Level-Up! Inc.

I wish we can personalized our LinkedIn profiles, but that wouldn’t be a “professional” network anymore if we can… but still, just some wishful thinking. Now to go to the new LinkedIn groups…

LinkedIn Groups:
I am inviting you to join the newest LinkedIn groups created for the professionals and students alike catering for:

LinkedIn-East Asia Community – ASEAN, China, Japan, Korea, Australia, India, New Zealand;
and LinkedIn-Philippines for all the Filipinos around the world.

These two groups will be our channel to help each other on our business-level networking. If you are not familiar with LinkedIn, it is a business social-network service (SNS), much like Friendster or MySpace but on the professional level. In fact, you can get hired, find a new job, or hire someone a member of LinkedIn, and if you have your business, this is also a great channel to grow your company. I myself experienced the power of networking at the business level, it opened up new opportunities and widen my network.

It is also good for students, especially if you are graduating or a fresh graduate. As such, I took the liberty to start these two groups because there is no group dedicated to the Philippines and East Asia. I hope, if you are a LinkedIn member, that you support these two groups and let’s help each other along the way.

Just one requirement before you join, be sure you already have a LinkedIn profile because to get approved to join the group, you need to provide the URL to your LinkedIn profile.

Sign-up and complete profile here: LinkedIn then join here:
LinkedIn-East Asia Community, LinkedIn-Philippines.

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